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If NULL is given as the method, all choices are returned as a named vector.


odeMethodToInt(method = c("liblsoda", "lsoda", "dop853", "indLin"))



The method for solving ODEs. Currently this supports:

  • "liblsoda" thread safe lsoda. This supports parallel thread-based solving, and ignores user Jacobian specification.

  • "lsoda" -- LSODA solver. Does not support parallel thread-based solving, but allows user Jacobian specification.

  • "dop853" -- DOP853 solver. Does not support parallel thread-based solving nor user Jacobian specification

  • "indLin" -- Solving through inductive linearization. The rxode2 dll must be setup specially to use this solving routine.


An integer for the method (unless the input is NULL, in which case, see the details)