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lbfgsb3c 2024-3.4 changes

CRAN release: 2024-04-04

  • LTO fixes and remove unused code for Fortran fixes

lbfgsb3c 2024-3.3 changes

CRAN release: 2024-04-01

  • Fixed lmm. In prior version with the R interface lmm was not being passed through correctly (though it was passed through in C correctly)

  • Fixed some bugs in printout

  • Reverted the code to fix some of the issues in the FORTRAN code

lbfgsb3c 2020-3.3 changes

CRAN release: 2023-11-28

  • Now allow rho=NULL to work the same as if rho was not supplied

  • Be More careful about $convergence by adding a default value of NA_INTEGER

  • $convergence is now an integer instead of a real number

  • Fix too many arguments for format as requested by CRAN

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

lbfgsb3c 2020-3.2 prior changes and information

CRAN release: 2020-03-03

To do

Add test using a plain C function for optimization. lbfgsb3c is supposed to handle this.

2019-03-19 o Packages lbfgsb3 and lbfgsb3c merged into latter. Vignette added. o Suppressed printout when trace>2 and starting (f not defined)

2015-01-20 o Fixup line longer than 72 chars in lbfgsb.f. Undeclared integer itask in errclb subroutine. Thanks to Berend Hasselman.

New package lbfgsb3 2014.7.31